Tacos Varios El Tigre Toño impresses with flavor of pork rind taco in red sauce

Chef Danny has different verdicts about these tacos

In this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, our host, chef Danny Betancourt, visited “Tacos Varios El Tigre Toño”, located in Camino Nuevo Avenue, East Zone. Here he tasted a pork rind taco in red sauce and a stuffed pepper (chile relleno) taco, both priced at $1,5 dollars (30 pesos).

Stuffed Pepper (Chile Relleno) Taco

This taco has a stuffed pepper, a bed of rice, a bed of beans, pickled nopales with habanero chili, green sauce, and is all served with two white corn tortillas. The tortillas are quite soft and have a nice taste and together with the rice and beans, they all create a good combination of flavors.

Though this combination is usually a classic element in varied tacos, this time it had a little bit of a negative impact. This is because they end up detracting from the flavor of the stuffed pepper, while having kind of a dry taste. Thankfully, the chef added a coriander sauce with husk tomato that helped to add the acidity that the taco required. This taco gets a rating of 7.6.

Price: $1.5 dollars (30 pesos)

Pork Rind in Red Sauce Taco

The second taco that our host received has pork rind in red sauce, a bed of rice, a bed of beans, and is served with two white corn tortillas just like the previous taco. The sauce has a good flavor and it is slightly spicy, at an adequate level.

The pork rind used is practically the skin, which is why it lacks pieces of pork in it, making it quite soft. The tortillas, the beans, and the rice helps add flavor to the protein and, by being quite humid, it prevents the tortillas from breaking down. Not being as dry as the previous taco, this one gets a rating of 8.2.

Price: $1.5 dollars (30 pesos)


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