These are the top 10 wineries in Valle de Guadalupe, according to tourists

According to reviews by users on TripAdvisor, these are the wineries that you cannot miss when you visit

One of the most visited regions by residents and tourists in Baja California is the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe, renowned for having the best harvested wines in the world made in the most important Mexican wineries of the region. They offer an unforgettable experience for visitors, and as such the best vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe have been rated by TripAdvisor user reviews.

Valle de Guadalupe is located between the municipalities of Tecate and Ensenada, only 38 kilometers from the latter. From Tijuana to Valle de Guadalupe, it takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes by car to get there, where one must go through the scenic toll booth highway from Playas de Tijuana to Ensenada.

The experience that each vineyard offers is unique and memorable and their main attraction is their wine tasting guides with the best wine selection from each winery. An expert winetaster will provide you with the useful and necessary information so that your tasting is the most pleasant and informed experience so that you can identify everything about your wine as a true connoisseur.

In addition, there are several activities that you can do such as delight yourself with the best culinary dishes that will match perfectly with each wine, tour through the private wineries to learn about their history and the winemaking process, ride on ATVs through the lands, experience live music and shows, take pictures in beautiful landscapes, among many other options.

According to the reviews by TripAdvisor users, these are the best vineyards of Baja California:

10. Barón Balche

This vineyard stands out due to its guided tours in their underground wineries which are referred to as the prettiest in Valle de Guadalupe; they also have beautiful barrels where they make their wines. We also recommend that you taste their wines, try food in their restaurant, and get on a helicopter ride so you can enjoy an impressive aerial view.


    9. Lechuza Vineyard

    “It makes you feel like you’re in the terrace at a friend’s house” is one of the reviews posted for this vineyard; most people agree with this review as what is unique about this place is the assistance and attention by its staff, who are kind and passionate about wine history. This allows you to enjoy a pleasant, comfortable, and easygoing atmosphere, breaking with the idea that wine is always related to something elegant or pretentious.


      8. Trevista Vineyards

      “It is not something commercial” and “Completely personalized… you’re literally invited to their home” are some of the hundreds of reviews of people who went to this vineyard which stands out due to the quality, heart, and warm reception of their hosts Hilda and James who make people feel at home and make this one of the best places in Valle de Guadalupe. If you go there, you will hardly want to go anywhere else, according to visitors.


        7. Vena Cava

        “The hippest winery in Mexico”

        This cozy and small vineyard provides a magical and homelike experience with excellent and personal services that make its visitors feel comfortable. It has a novel, interesting, and surreal architecture which makes it unique and differentiates it from other wineries.


          6. Decantos Vinícola

          This is the first vineyard that has completely got rid of mechanical pumping when making wine, creating a wine structure with better smell, aroma, and flavor. It is known for its exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, its impressive view in between mountains, vegetation, fine architecture, private tours in the underground winery, and musical performances by singers and dancers, who create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.


            5. L.A. Cetto Boutique

            This renowned vineyard is one of the most important in Mexico due to its excellency. It is also one of the biggest ones as it is made up of hundreds of hectares in Valle de Guadalupe. With a great history, you must visit this place to learn all about its beginnings, its winemaking process, and taste some of the world’s best wines.


              4. Bodegas de Santo Tomás

              The experience of this place stands out for being impeccable, due to the personalized attention by the staff, the wine tasting, and its incredible view, all of which have been rated by visitors as exceptional and unmissable. In addition, they have guided tours and workshops about making wine.


                3. Casa Magoni

                This vineyard stands out for being one of the best places for couples who are looking for a romantic getaway and spend some unforgettable moments together. Known for its warmth, its impeccable customer service, and the quality of their wines, this place offers an amazing atmosphere with live music and fine architecture.


                  2. Monte Xanic

                  Located in the heart of Valle de Guadalupe, this place is also one of the best ones to visit as a couple. One of the highlights here is its beautiful aquatic development in the middle of diverse vegetation, creating a beautiful view that allows you to immerse yourself in a relaxing and unique experience. Visitor assistance, information provided by guides, and the quality of its wine are rated as excellent.


                    1. Xecue Vinícola

                    This vineyard has the perfect rating and leads the list of the best places to visit in Valle de Guadalupe, as it was rated as the best by visitors who are expecting only the best of the best. Its spectacular culinary style will leave you impressed when trying their wine selection and pairing recommendations provided by guides, which will also allow you to have an authentic wine tasting experience. If you want to discover the best of Valle de Guadalupe according to popular opinion, you better visit the top place of this list so you can experience something truly unforgettable.


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