Learn more about the Tijuana taqueria's enormous shrimp cake tacos.

Every bite of this taco is an explosion of flavor.

Chef Danny Betancourt visited the Tacos Varios el Inge on Blvd. Cucapah 22357, Fontana I, in this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana . You will be able to taste two tacos, one of rib in green sauce and the other of shrimp cakes, all of which are priced at 25 pesos (1.25 dollars).

Taco de Costilla en Salsa Verde

Danny highlighted the taco's massive size, which includes a rib in green sauce, a bed of refried beans, a bed of rice, and a double corn tortilla. Another thing he said before trying the taco was that the rib had a bone in it, which can be dangerous if the person is not aware of it.

When he tasted it, he said the flavor of the rib sauce and the taco with all of its components were nice, but the meat bones did not help him at all since they took away part of the experience of eating the taco and all of its ingredients, making the consumption uncomfortable.

He was able to combine all of the tastes of the taco nicely by taking another bite in a portion where there was no bone, showcasing the sauce, which had the perfect consistency and the beans had much flavor. He awarded this taco a 5.5 out of 10 grade.

Price: $25 pesos ($1.25 dlls)

Taco de Tortita de Camarón

This taco included shrimp cakes, red sauce, nopales, a bed of beans, a bed of rice, and a double corn tortilla, and it seemed even more significant than the previous one, making it difficult to close. The shrimp cakes had a strong flavor, and the sauce was somewhat salty, which I liked.
Because of the solid yet balanced tastes, Danny said that every bite of this taco is an explosion of flavor. He emphasized that because of the size of the tortilla and the amount of stew they used, these tacos might be considered massive. As a result, he gave this taco an 8.3 rating.

Price: $25 pesos ($1.25 dlls)

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