SEPESCA BC recommends consuming fish and seafood from Baja California

Work by fishing professionals of Baja California allows for a great variety of high-quality fish and seafood in the region

The Secretariat of Fishing and Aquaculture of Baja California (SEPESCA BC) revealed that in the state there are 172 establishments that sell sea products and there are more than 324 restaurants where one can enjoy a great variety of seafood recipes.

Consumption of fish and seafood increases during the Holy Week, which will take place from March 24 to March 30. In Baja California, there exists a gastronomic culture that is very attached to sea-based dishes.

This reliance results in a series of actions meant to promote the consumption of fish and seafood, which nationwide ranges between 13.9 to 14.2 kilograms.

Through the "Garantía Baja California en Pescados y Mariscos" program, fair trade, tracking of products, and quality of products for consumers are being promoted.

Fishermen and aquacultivators are asked a series of requirements, contemplating the proper management and preference of local species. For this category, sale establishments and fish shops, processing plants, restaurants, carts, and other service providers part of the production and supply chain are considered.

This year's season coincides with the capture of the Curvina Golfina fish in the High Gulf of California, which is distributed in regional markets, and that benefits traditionally the communities of San Felipe and the Cucapá people in Valle de Mexicali.

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