These are the 10 Best Taquerias of 2022 in Baja California by “Una Mordida Tacos”

All of these taquerias had the best ratings from Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, Tecate, Ensenada, Rosarito, and Mexicali

Baja California has a great gastronomic offering with unique regional dishes. Among their most well-known dishes we have the taco: a corn tortilla served with several different fillings. Though several places may make the same kind of taco, their flavor is not the same due to the seasoning or ingredients used. In his show “Una Mordida Tacos”, Chef Danny went to the cities of Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali, Rosarito y Tecate to demonstrate this.

In this article, we’ll tell you the 10 best taquerias that our host, Chef Danny Betancourt, visited in 2022.

#10 Tacos Varios el Jefe - Mexicali

This place is located in the state capital and won 10th place due to the tacos with incredible stew seasoning on their shredded meat and chicharron in morita salsa. That’s not all, however, as the tortillas used were handmade flour tortillas. It should be noted that in this municipality, most tacos are served on flour tortillas, in contrast with other areas where corn tortillas are used.

  • Average rating: 8.60
  • Location: Calz. Lázaro Cárdenas, Residencial Mediterráneo

#9 Tacos San Diego - Tijuana

This taqueria was better than the last one due to the monstrous size of their tacos, as well as their innovative mixes which include an incredible spicy shrimp oriental-style taco full of bursts of flavor that impress the palate with every bite. Their battered fish taco was described by our host as a “jawbreaker” due to its great size.

  • Average rating: 8.60
  • Location: Calz del Tecnológico 1300, Altabrisa, 22420

#8 Tacos Los Perrones - Tijuana

These famous tacos in the city of Tijuana were ranked #8 on this list. Here, Chef Danny tried a Chihuahua arrachera taco and a chorizo taco. Both proteins had great flavor and texture; in addition, their salsa was quite spicy. The only bad thing about this place is that their handmade corn tortilla was somewhat dry.

  • Average rating: 8.70
  • Location: Cjon. Quintana Roo 1511, Zona Urbana Río Tijuana. 22010

#7 Tacos El Paisa - Tijuana

Tijuana has an endless number of places that sell birria tacos, but this one specifically managed to be a highlight among this Top 10. The best compliments that were said about El Paisa is the amazing seasoning of its birria, the cheese that enveloped the quesabirria (birria and cheese) ingredients, and the salsa that had a light spiciness, giving the perfect complement to one of people’s favorite Sunday dishes..

  • Average rating: 8.75
  • Location: Av. Paseo del Lago 19615

#6 Tacos Los Chihuahuas y Perrones - Tijuana

This establishment managed to earn 6th place due to its juicy, soft, and flavorful meat with a smoked touch. In addition, their handmade flour tortillas reminded Chef Danny of the flavor of the homemade tortillas we all love.

  • Average rating: 8.75
  • Location: Blvd. Díaz Ordaz P-122

#5 Ricas Carnitas El Buches - Tijuana

This establishment managed to appear just in time to be ranked on this list. Chef Danny Betancourt tried a rib taco and a pork mix taco which surprised him due to their flavor, softness, and juiciness. He claimed that this place “had a thing” for making pork meat and one could see this from their tacos.

  • Average rating: 8.80
  • Location: C. San Pedro 222, Magaña, 22106

#4 Los Vaquetones de Sinaloa - Tijuana

This taqueria managed to be ranked among the 4 best taquerias with its unusual octopus chicharron taco which was cooked perfectly and its great balance thanks to the sourness of its green salsa and the creaminess of the avocado. Their marlin taco full of flavor delighted our host.

  • Average rating: 8.85
  • Location: Blvd. Casa Blanca 21304, Matamoros Norte

#3 Tacos Alicia - Tijuana

These tacos are quite famous in this border city. The excellent adobo on the pork of their adobada taco and their smoked asada taco ranked them 3rd place on this list; it should be noted that they replaced white onion with purple onion.

  • Average rating: 8.90
  • Location: Blvd. Fundadores S/N, Valle del Rubí Sección Lomas, 22630

#2 Tacos El Gallito - Tijuana

This place was a highlight due to their proteins which had an excellent flavor in the case of the adobada taco and great softness in the case of their New York steak taco. Another star here was the salsas, which, Chef Danny claims, are an essential ingredient that can make a taco better or worse. In this case, they improved the tacos tremendously.

  • Average rating: 8.95
  • Location: Blvd. Lázaro Cárdenas 606, Otay Constituyentes

#1 Tacos de Chile Relleno La Güera - Tijuana

The acclaimed 1st place on this list was taken by a “hidden gem in Tijuana”. Their stuffed pepper taco with tripe impressed our host due to its wonderful flavor which is due to its unusual mix. Their carne asada taco had complete beef pieces that were quite big and soft. Both tacos had a handmade corn tortilla and delicious salsas.

  • Average rating: 9.20
  • Location: C. Miguel Guerrero 12325 Col. Libertad

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