Taquería El Chino in Tecate serves lamb tacos with a great family tradition: Tacos With Muchachos

The hosts also tried sheep broth and rib

Tacos With Muchachos’ goal is to try the different tacos that exist all around Baja California so that American tourists are inspired to visit different places that offer different kinds of dishes, where the seasoning, proteins, and cooking methods change depending on the place.

On this occasion, Scott Koenig, along with Denise Adriana Roa, Chef of El Lugar de Nos in Tecate, went to Taqueria El Chino, a family business that started in Tecate thanks to the father of the current cook who, unfortunately, has passed away. She, along with her brother and husband, have been taking care of the cooking and the business.

At Taqueria El Chino they prepare sheep/lamb tacos. Scott said that when one enters the place, one can smell the sheep being cooked and it delights immediately. Denise said that, as time passed, she has seen how this business has grown little by little and she added that the entire family works here with each member handling a specific task.

Both were served a fried lamb taco which, besides the meat, also has molcajete sauce, as well as nopales and grilled onions. As the tortilla was fried in the broth’s grease, it was crunchy. They also tried the broth where the lamb and the rib are fried and Scott said that the flavors of all dishes were quite good.

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