Tijuana's Tacos a Vapor Cucapáh passed the tortilla test

It wasn't the only thing that shocked us; the sauce was also exceptional.

Chef Danny Betancourt visited the Tacos a Vapor Cucapáh on Blvd. Cucapáh in Colonia Lomas Matamoros in this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, where he had two tacos, one of Chicharrón and the other of potato with beef, all of which cost 20 pesos.

Taco a Vapor de Carne con Papa

This taco, made with shredded pork, potato, cabbage, pickled onion, red chile de arbol sauce, and a double corn tortilla, is the first one given to our host. In the first taste, the sauce's high spicy level jumped out, as did the quality of the tortillas, which, despite being a steamed taco and being quite moist and bathed in fat, showed no cracks and held the entire taco together, proving that they passed the tortilla test.

Danny decided to try it on the other side of the taco, where there was less sauce. After tasting it, he was convinced that all of the tastes could be savored without the spiciness invading the palette, so he awarded it a 7.8 rating.

The cost is 20 pesos (one dollar)

[h2]Taco de Chicharrón (Steam Taco)[/2]

Danny's mouth watered just looking at this taco, which has pork rind, cabbage, pickled onion, red chile de arbol sauce, and a double corn tortilla. When he tasted it, he said that the pork rinds blend well with the beef, which is marinated in various chilies, giving the taco a nice flavor.

He again praised the tortilla, which did not break in any of the tacos despite the high fat and moisture content; this, together with the tastes of all the components, earned this taco an 8.7 rating.

The cost is 20 pesos (one dollar)

Despite not being steamed tacos, both tacos passed the tortilla test, while other taquerias visited during the Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana event had their tortilla cracked even before you took the first taste.


It should be mentioned that the place is not listed on Google Maps; nonetheless, we will provide the precise location where you may locate it.

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