Tacos Mi Casa and their outstanding sauces

Prices and flavor delighted Chef Dany

In this episode of “Una Mordida de Tacos, Tijuana, Chef Danny Betancourt visited “Taqueria Mi casa, which is located on Blvd. Cuauhtemoc Nte. 12871, Col. Aeropuerto, on this occasion there were two tacos that Danny tasted, the first taco is made with marinated meat, and the other taco is made from suadero, both have a price of 26 pesos ($ 1.25).

Taco de Suadero

Suadero Taco was the first taco that Danny tasted; this one comes in a packaged corn tortilla; it contains the suadero, onion, cilantro; the chef decided to put a green tomatillo and jalapeño pepper sauce. The sauce added a spectacular spiciness to this taco, plus the meat was just right; according to Danny, the meat was not overcooked or hard and had a lot of flavors. The only negative thing was the size of the tortilla; it was tiny, so Danny gave this suadero taco a rating of 8.6.

Price: $26 pesos ($1.25 dlls)

Taco de Adobada

This taco comes with the same type of tortilla as the suadero, and it contains marinated meat, onion, cilantro, guacamole, and Danny put red sauce with pieces of chile de árbol. When Danny tasted the taco, he ensured the meat was well seasoned; that is precisely where the flavor was concentrated; just like the suadero taco, the size of the tortilla did not please him. He gave this taco a rating of 8.5.

Price: $26 pesos ($1.25 dlls)

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