"Very Good" in Tijuana gives a homemade flavor in each of their tacos

Chef Danny described these tacos as "ones with a homemade touch but with a little high salt on the top"

In this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana Season 2, our host, Chef Danny Betancourt visited the taqueria "Very Good, Tacos y Algo Más", located on Calle Cochimíes, 3era Etapa del Río Tijuana, in front of Plaza China and behind the Mormon Temple.

Danny tasted 2 tacos, the one of capeado fish which costs 30 pesos (1.5 dlls) and the second one is shrimp enchilado, priced at 60 pesos (3 dlls).

Pescado Capeado Taco

This taco has a cabbage garnish and a cilantro and serrano dressing, while the chef said that the tortilla was quite soft, Danny noted that this taco had many pieces of fish compared to other taquerias where they deliver only one large piece of fillet, when he tasted it he felt the subtle and homemade flavor of the tortilla, as well as "spicy" touches of the capeado due to the amount of pepper, although he considered that the salt level was high. Elements such as the cilantro dressing with serrano and the cabbage give the taco a touch of freshness that complements the taco quite well, which is why he gave it a 5.5 rating.

Shrimp Enchilado Taco

This taco, unlike the fish taco, has a folded and golden tortilla, which is filled with cheese, shrimp enchilado and cabbage. The flavor that the butter gives to the taco complements the moderate level of spiciness in the shrimp quite well, since in many occasions this type of taco only contains one sauce, while in "Very Good" it has pieces of chile chiltepín and chile de árbol. According to chef Danny's level of spiciness, this taco is not too spicy, which is why he gave it a rating of 7.8.

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