This is how the San Ysidro - Tijuana port of entry looks from the air

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Tijuana and San Diego are separated by a border, which is visited every day by tourists, residents, and people who study or work in the United States; all of this creates long waiting lines at the port of entry.

Long line at San Ysidro - Tijuana port of entry photographed from the air

On a Facebook group whose goal is to share the current state of the San Diego - Tijuana port of entry, a user shared a very impactful photo where he was able to catch from the air the line that occurs every day in Tijuana which is made up of hundreds of people.

In this photo, one can see the long waiting line to get into Tijuana and the road that cars must take in order to get out of this border area.

Fernando Perez Sandi
Fernando Perez Sandi

One can even see Tijuana's usual traffic coming from the American side as well as the PedWest border crossing, also known as "El Chaparral".

In these last few months, drivers coming from San Diego to Tijuana have reported that waiting lines to get into Mexico have exceeded 3 hours, which made many people decide not to cross the border in order to avoid traffic.

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