It's almost over! Roundabout project in Santa Fe will end in May

The municipal administration of Tijuana will continue to work on complementary projects in order to improve the area

Through the Secretariat of Territorial, Urban, and Environmental Development (SDTUA), the Municipal Administration of Tijuana spoke about the traffic light signals that are being installed at the Santa Fe roundabout.

It was revealed that next Friday, May 17, they will continue to work on complementary projects at the same time to improve the area so that the project can be completely finished.

The head of the Municipal Agency of Projects and Urban Infrastructure (DOIUM), Marco Antonio Campoy Arce, shared that the processes of civil works regarding construction are being carried out without interfering with daily traffic. Peak hours are respected, while, at the same time, they are working on complementary projects such as sidewalks, signals, and platforms to get on and off vehicles.

The municipal official said that the Agency of Municipal Public Services (DSPM) is making progress regarding the signs and installation of the traffic light circuit, which will have synchronization in the entire area. It is expected for it to be enabled on May 17.

In addition, Campoy Arce revealed that they are working on horizontal and vertical signs, which consists of painting signs on the ground and surrounding structures.

The head of DOIUM recalled that it was estimated that the project would last around 4 months at the beginning, on February 26, 224, and they are expecting to cut down on time to completely finish it on the third week of May.

In addition, officials from the municipal administration of Tijuana have approached residents of the Santa Fe area, to whom they have informed about the project's progress so as to prevent activities. Residents, meanwhile, have supported it with the socialization of the project's progress.

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