Marina del Pilar invites citizens to renew vehicle circulation card 100% digitally

More than 60 procedures can be carried out online through the Ventanilla Única digital platform

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, announced that it is possible to renew circulation cards online, which will prevent you from waiting in line for hours, as you'll be able to do it from home and in a matter of minutes.

As such, the state governor said that to simplify procedures and services of the state government, the Digital Agency of Baja California (ADBC), the Secretariat of Finance (SH), and the Tax Revenue Service of Baja California (SATBC), they are all joining efforts so that citizens can begin and finish the entire circulation card process of their vehicles, wherever they are and from any device with an internet connection.

For his part, the head of ADBC, Gabriel Palombo, stated that it is very easy to do this procedure. Before starting, one has to download and register on the "Identidad Digital BC" app, available on IOS and Android. Once registered and personal data is validated, you can go to their official website.

The state official added that, after license plate numbers are submitted, fields will be filled out that will set the price. You can click continue and you will receive a verification code in your email and/or phone that had been previously registered.

After that, users can fill out additional requested data and you can make your payment with your preferred card. Lastly, when the procedure is concluded, you will receive a file number on your email that will allow you to get your circulation card, which you can check on the "Identidad Digital BC" app alongside your driver's license.

"Both the digital license and circulation card are valid in all the municipalities of Baja California and the states of California and Arizona in the United States," Palombo said.

It should be noted that during Holy Week, the Revenue Collection offices of Baja California will be open from Monday, March 25 to Thursday, March 28 from 8 AM to 5 PM. On Friday, March 29, it will be open until 1 PM and it will be closed on Saturday.

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