Marina del Pilar presents work actions with the legal community of Baja California

The budget of the Judicial Branch has experienced significant increases in the last few years

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, held a meeting with the State Council of Attorney Associations in order to strengthen work coordination with the legal community and reaffirm the bonds between lawyers and the state public administration, especially through the Judicial Department led by Juan José Pon Méndez.

In her speech, the governor expressed to the head of the State Council, Elías Flores Gallegos, her willingness to build work alliances with the legal community to benefit the delivery of justice and stated that, in the last two years, the budget of the State Judicial Branch has increased in a historic manner.

"Regarding justice matters, we work in complete coordination with the Legislative Branch to introduce the necessary reforms that allow us to deliver justice. We work as never before in coordination with the Judicial Branch," she said.

Celebrating International Women's Day, Marina del Pilar recognized the willingness of the Judicial Branch to improve justice and fight against the internal resistance to judging with a gender perspective. This has allowed them to sentence in this manner.

Governor Marina del Pilar also enumerated the work by the State's Attorney General Office (FGE) led by María Elena Andrade Ramírez, which has effectively joined forces with the state's Judicial Branch to judge cases that get criminals who threaten peace in Baja California off the streets.

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