Students will have the opportunity to cross faster to San Diego with "Fast Lane"

Students that meet the requirements can go to Centro de Atención al Emprendedor (CAE) offices

In order to improve the educational and school experience of 473,452 cross border students, mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez presented a program of the Secretariat of Economic Development of Tijuana (SEDETI) called "Fast Lane".

After an agreement was approved by the cabinet to benefit students who live in Tijuana and study in the United States, the mayor announced in her weekly video podcast the launch of a call to begin this new public policy.

Alongside the head of SEDETI, Luis Antonio Cañedo Angulo, the mayor revealed that everyone with a school visa and the proper requirements stated in the call, will be able to go to Centro de Atención al Emprendedor (CAE) offices in the municipal palace to get this benefit.

Based on statistics by the Secretariat, the students who live in Tijuana and study in the United States represent 1.5% and more than 50% of them usually spend 2 to 3 hours crossing every day.

The mayor recognized the great efforts made by parents who wake up early to get to the line, which is why she decided, alongside experts on this area, that students who go to school in the United States as a binational activity should be able to cross quickly in 2024.

She said that to be a part of this benefit, applicants must meet a series of requirements: birth certificate where beneficiaries prove their US nationality, proof of address of a residence in Tijuana, student ID, and official ID of the beneficiary. In case that the student is a minor, they will need to show an official ID from the parent or tutor.

In addition, they must submit their academic history, transcript, report card, certificate issued by the educational institution, and. in case they have Mexican nationality, they must show F-1 and M-1 visas for full time students.

Cañedo Angulo stated that the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana continues to transform lives to achieve wellbeing for families looking for alternatives that benefit students so that they stay the least amount of time possible in vehicles and reach their schools.

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