Mayor Montserrat Caballero continues to transform Tijuana with paving projects

More than 3.7 million pesos have been invested in a new paving project with hydraulic concrete in Colonia San Bernardo

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramirez, head of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, inaugurated another street that was paved with hydraulic concrete, transforming that way the community in Colonia San Bernardo.

At this protocolary event, the mayor thanked the participation of neighbors to finalize this project created with federal sources of Ramo 33 and claimed that with this step, they are beginning a new stage regarding progress as the municipal government is committed with Tijuana natives who need it the most.

"You have a municipal president that is with you, who is from the working class, and who continues to be from the working class. I did not get here and forgot about it and I am not going out eating dinner or doing things I didn't use to do like politicians who become businessmen. No, I am the municipal president and your money goes to the streets and not private companies," Caballero Ramírez emphasized.

This project consists of the paving of 3,500 square meters with hydraulic concrete on Avenida Observatorio, between Calle El Saguán and El Sueño, with an investment of more than 3.7 million pesos with federal resources from Ramo 33.

Juan Enrique Bautista Corona, the Secretary of Territory, Urban, and Environmental Development (SDTUA), stated that this street is part of the more than 90 paving projects that the mayor of Tijuana has carried out in the last year, and it is one of more than 200 infrastructure projects that were made in the nine delegations, with an investment of more than 800 million pesos.

"This is an example of how the management of the delegation, the Secretariat of Wellbeing, Ramo 33, and mayor Montserrat Caballero is being carried out," the official stated.

Abraham Valdez Ortega, president of the Social Participation Committee in Colonia San Bernardo, spoke to thank the prompt response by mayor Montserrat Caballero and her collaborators, as results are tangible.

It is a street that for years had been requested to previous administrations and if it hadn't been built for this rainy seasons, the mobility of more than 2,300 neighbors in the area and access to public services would have been harder.

"Today, after the rain, it has been demonstrated once again that projects work, like the paving and drainage at Cañón del Alacrán, a high quality project that did not flood, and also the highway to Playas. These are well made projects with hydraulic concrete, because for me your families are as important as mine," the mayor said.

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