Don't miss your chance! Tijuana-San Diego ports of entry are practically empty after rain

This is quite unusual compared to the normal state of these border crossings

After the rain forecasts in the Tijuana-San Diego border area, authorities from both sides recommended citizens not to go out if it is not necessary after the unfortunate incidents that were caused by showers last week. It seems that these orders had an effect as, currently, border crossings have very light vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Tijuana-San Diego ports of entry are practically empty after rain

According to testimonials by internet users, pedestrian and vehicular crossings both at the San Ysidro and the Otay Mesa ports of entry are practically empty, allowing people to directly enter into the US without waiting for hours in the cold and rain on Thursday.

The phone report of these border crossings claim that the San Ysidro port of entry has 10 cars on the All Vehicle Lane and Ready Lane, while the SENTRI lane only has 5 cars. The pedestrian crossing is fluid.

The Otay port of entry has more traffic on Ready Lane with 105 cars, which creates a significant contrast with the All Vehicle and SENTRI lanes which only have 15 and 10 cars, respectively. The pedestrian crossing also has a fluid flow.


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