It is confirmed! CBP agents are asking people crossing the Tijuana-San Diego port of entry for proof of income

Find out which documents they'll ask for when crossing the border

After tourists reported that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents at the El Chaparral port of entry were asking for proof of income before they got into the building, many people were surprised and confused, asking if this would be a permanent measure that will occur in all ports of entry.

CBP are asking for proof of income at Tijuana-San Diego ports of entry

Due to the confusion caused by people who cross every day, we had an exclusive interview with CBP Chief of Communications Wilson Portocarrero, who cleared up this situation.

He claimed that this type of actions has been going on for several years and that travelers are asked for proof to make sure that they are following tourism requirements while in the country.

An agent can ask every international traveler who is requesting entry into the United States by land or air, at any moment, about their economic solvency or residence to make sure that they are traveling, that they live in their country of origin, and that they are not planning to stay in the United States.

This could interest you: CBP agent asks for proof of income to cross through the El Chaparral port of entry

He added that those who request a visa are explained that, at any moment, an officer can ask them for this type of documents so that they can make sure that they live in their country of origin. It should be noted that this type of request is made sporadically.

Which documents are they asking for at the border?

According to information shared by Portocarrero, documents requested are those that verify residency or economic solvency from their country of origin, which could be a proof of address or proof of income.

That's why he recommends travelers and Tijuana natives that cross the border to carry these documents in case they are requested by the border agent.

It should be noted that these actions not only occur in Tijuana, as these are also sporadically carried out in Texas, Arizona, and other borders.

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