Montserrat Caballero invested more than 2 million pesos in inauguration of Calle Tlatelolco

Carried out thanks to resources from Ramo 33, she says that this project will benefit at least 250 residents of this area

Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, mayor of Tijuana, inaugurated, in order to benefit the residents of Colonia Planicie in Delegación La Presa "Abelardo L. Rodríguez", the paving of Tlatelolco Street, which had an investment of more than 2 million pesos.

"We are here with high-quality paving, because I was taught that when you give something it has be high-quality, and what better than to give it to people who are like me, because I still identify as working class," the mayor said.

She recalled that she does not forget where she comes from, unlike many people she knows who are councilors or congresspeople who forget that they used to live in neighborhoods where poor people have needs.

The mayor recognized the work by officials that are part of her government's cabinet for contributing to the delivery of all projects that are being carried out in the city. She does not forget how important it is to have paved streets to take children to school and take care that uniforms don't get dirty so that they don't get punished.

The Secretary of Territorial, Urban, and Environmental Development (SDTUA), Enrique Bautista Corona, explained that in Calle Tlatelolco located in Colonia Planicie, in Delegación La Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez, 2,176 square meters of tracing and leveling work was carried out.

In addition, 450 lineal meters of "L" type plastering, 1,685 square meters of bearing floor with concrete, and supply and making of a 20-centimeter thick hydraulic base with a surface of 435 cubic meters were built.

In addition, two leveled manholes, 15 water home outlets and sanitary drainages, and the pavement construction with hydraulic concrete with a length of 225 lineal meters were carried out.

To do this project that benefits more than 250 residents of Calle Tlatelolco, the Municipal Government invested 2,218,304 pesos, resources which were taken from federal program Ramo 33.

The paving construction with hydraulic concrete of Calle Tlatelolco is another project that has been possible thanks to the good management of resources in order to benefit citizens, on the road to the transformation of a Tijuana for everyone.

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