Mayor Montserrat Caballero transforms Calle 12 in Tijuana

This is one of the projects that is planned to be finished during the current administration, as recently stated by the President of Mexico

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, together with the private sector, will support and transform the quality of life of at least 7,000 carriers who cross the international border daily through Calle 12, the country's second most important customs.

This street reconstruction with hydraulic concrete, where around 40 million pesos were invested with resources from the current government and where more than 4,000 exports occur every day, is located between Bulevar Bellas Artes and the International Border, Colonia Chilpancingo, Otay Centenario Delegation.

Accompanied by the Secretary of Territory, Urban, and Environmental Development (SDTUA), Enrique Bautista Corona, the mayor recalled that Tijuana not only benefits more than 40,000 inhabitants with this project, but also the residents of the entire city and visitors with projects such as the construction of the Elevated Viaduct and the Otay II Port of Entry which will be finished before this administration ends, as promised by the President of Mexico on his most recent visit.

Caballero Ramírez recalled that it took nine months for this street to be finished. This not only cost money, but also effort and trust, because at the beginning of this administration, the private sector did not know her but worked together with her, and this led to this achievement by local companies.

"This is a project that directly paid Tijuana native working families in all ways and at all levels. The advantage was that they did not know me, I did not have any businessmen friends, and the public bid was open and transparent," the mayor said at the same time as she thanked councilors Oscar Montes de Oca Rodríguez and Rogelia Arzola Santaillán who also trusted her.

The mayor emphasized that she will continue the transformation of this city that represents the fourth most important economy of Mexico and will address, as always, everything that is in her court, because everything adds together, she said.

In his speech, the leader of the Business Coordinator Council (CCE), Carlos Jaramillo Silva, recalled that the productive sector was demanding this project for a long time and thanks to the mayor, her commitment, and business organizations, this project was carried out.

"Calle 12 is more than a street, it is the access to Mexico's second most important customs, the access to the city with the biggest export industry in this country, the access to a strategic infrastructure that addresses Tijuana but the entire state," he underscored.

Both the mayor and the leader of CCE thanked the leaders of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA), the National Chamber of Freight Automotive Transport (CANACAR), the Industrial Association of Mesa de Otay (AIMO), the National Council of the Export Maquiladora and Manufacturing Industry (INDEX), and the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC).

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