3 hidden gems in California you probably didn't know about and will love to visit

Each of them has beautiful views that seem right out of a fantasy film

California is a huge state with a great variety of attractions for all families. Though there are some places that people visit regularly, there are some hidden gems which not everyone knows about and these are the ones that offer magical experiences:

Galleta Meadows

This is an incredible artwork made by artist and welder Ricardo Breceda where giant sculptures can be seen while passing through the Anza-Borrego desert. This idea was thought up by the owner of Galleta Meadows Estates, Dennys Avery, who decided to add "independent art" to his property.

These steel sculptures are original designs among which there are giant crickets, turtles, dragons, a combination between a T-Rex and a bear, camels, a Jeep with people climbing a rock, horses, and much more.

Those who have visited this spot claim that this special place invites you to be a "child again" and that the statues in the middle of this huge area makes you feel like you're in "another reality". It has also been described as a metal Jurassic Park.


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Trees of Mystery

As its name indicates, if you want to have a day full of mystery, this is the perfect place for you. Though the biggest attraction is the giant trees, those who crave adrenaline won't want to miss its hiking trail.

These paths are hanging bridges that go through impressive and gigantic sequoia trees. Part of this path is dedicated to the Paul Bunyan American legend. When you hike through these trails, it is as if you were a small insect going through an immense forest surrounded by mysterious roads that haven't been explored.


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Light at Sensorio

This magical field is covered by luminescent flowers and it is a work of art created by Bruce Munro titled "Field of Lights". It is described as a whimsical work made up of close to 10,000 flickering points of light illuminated by optical fiber, with a landscape full of colorful flowers that constantly and gently change. This makes it Munro's biggest work of art.

It should be noted that this is not the only thing in this area as there are other exhibitions such as “Light Towers”, “Gone Fishing”, and “Fireflies”. Without a doubt, this field looks right out of a fantasy film such as Avatar. Don't miss the opportunity to experience a real-life dream and take beautiful pictures of your visit.


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