Marina del Pilar inaugurates new outpatient oncological center in Tijuana

The governor pointed out that this is a space that will treat both minors and adults

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, Baja California Governor, led the inauguration of the Outpatient Oncological Center in Tijuana which will treat cancer patients regionally, in order to strengthen health services in Baja California.

In her message to Baja Californian society, Marina del Pilar highlighted that before this clinic was fully operational, there was no proper space to treat cancer in the city of Tijuana, which is why she highlighted the willingness of her administration to have more and better hospital areas.

In addition, she stated that the inaugurated area, located next to Tijuana’s General Hospital (HGT), hadn’t been taken advantage of before, which is why the current administration of Baja California carried out actions to use this area as efficiently as possible in order to benefit society, especially those who need the most support from authorities.

“Here we are putting our heart above all to treat patients that, at the same time, are putting their heart above all to defeat this disease that, with proper treatment, can be defeated and cured,” she underscored while thanking all medical staff. She pointed out that there will be coordination between the Government of Mexico so as to have the necessary equipment to strengthen operations.

She emphasized that children who receive medical treatment will be able to continue with their studies in this same space, since the maximum development for all of the state’s children is something that is sought by everyone.

For his part, the Secretary of Health of Baja California, José Adrián Medina Amarillas revealed that several outpatient surgeries will be performed n in this area such as biopsies, catheter insertions, radiotherapy, etc.

“This space is now enabled so that patients here in Tijuana and in the state can benefit. This is an area that wasn’t being used and now it has been adapted in case of any sort of incident,” he pointed out.

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