Rib taco by “Taco N Todo” in Tijuana receives a rating of 8.7 due to its great flavor

This taco was served with rib bone

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, our host Chef Danny Betancourt went to “Taco N Todo” located at Avenida Hipódromo Loc. 1. On this occasion he tried two tacos: a rib taco priced at $2.95 dollars ($59 pesos) and an arrachera taco priced at $3 dollars ($60 pesos).

Arrachera Taco

This taco has arrachera (hanger steak) slices, purple pickled onion, pico de gallo, charred sauce, and is served on a flour tortilla which was a recommendation, though it has the same size as a regular corn tortilla. When he tried it, Chef Danny said that the meat had a very soft consistency even though it was served in thick slices.

Regarding the protein’s flavor, our host said that it was quite interesting since, though it was marinated, the sweet touches overcame everything as if they had put excess orange or another bittersweet ingredient. One could taste the smoked touches made by the coal. The flour tortilla had a very thin thickness which is why it didn’t overshadow or stood out from the other ingredients. This is why this taco gets a rating of 7.7.

Price: $3 dollars ($60 pesos)

Rib Taco

Something interesting about this taco is that it was served with a bone with meat for those who enjoy eating it that way. Danny decided to put it aside. The taco has rib meat, nopal salad, charred sauce, and is served on a handmade corn tortilla.

Chef Danny said that this seasoned protein has both meat pieces as well as grease and due to this, he decided to add some lime drops. When he tried it, Danny praised the great flavor and texture of the corn tortilla. On the rib, he could detect the coal’s smoked flavor and the pieces of fat that improved the flavor. The vegetables in the nopal salad helped to balance this taco out, making it lighter. This is why this taco gets a rating of 8.7.

Price: $2.93 dollars ($59 pesos)

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