Guelaguetza 2022 will take place in Tijuana this weekend

This event will have traditional dances, gastronomy, handicrafts, and concerts

For the first time in Tijuana, the La Guelaguetza fiesta comes here from Oaxaca to the Centro Cultural Tijuana (Tijuana’s Cultural Center) terrace from July 14 to July 17 2022, from 11 AM to 9 PM. At this event you will be able to enjoy shows, traditional dances, gastronomy, handicrafts, and concerts.

This celebration gathers the traditions of the state of Oaxaca and its regions, where its main show is its traditional dance called “Cultura Viva. Oaxaca y sus 8 regiones. Guelaguetza 2022”, with CECUT being this event’s main venue.

Oliva Jiménez stated:

In this city, la Guelaguetza will be more than a cultural expression, it will be the history, the traditions, the folklore, and the knowledge of our ancestral people.

Fulgencio Cruz Pablo, member of Tijuana’s Oaxaca community thanked the cultural venue for opening spaces to create this type of events: “We invite all of our Baja Californian friends and those on the other side of the border in the US to come here, join in the fun, and enjoy the live event known as la Guelaguetza, its whole eight regions.”

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