Marina del Pilar agrees on actions to transform mobility in Tijuana

With this project, roads and public transportation will improve in the city

As part of her mobility transformation model for Tijuana, Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda signed the agreement “Impulso a una Nueva Movilidad para Tijuana” (“Boosting a New Mobility for Tijuana”) along with municipal authorities.

In her speech, the governor highlighted that Tijuana, along with the municipalities of Tecate and Playas de Rosarito, is the fifth most important metropolitan area in Mexico, which is why one of her administration’s main commitments is to resolve the needs of residents in these matters.

Ávila Olmeda thanked Tijuana’s transporters for joining the agreement signed between the Government of Baja California and the XXIV Municipal Administration of Tijuana, since they are the essential part of the new mobility plans that will be implemented after it has been signed.

The governor stated that mobility is both a citizen’s need as well as a right that authorities must be focused on guaranteeing for Baja Californian residents. That way they can have access to a mobility that is not only efficient, but also dynamic and inclusive.

She said:

We are here today to join together all of our efforts and willingness on this matter because when we talk about a new mobility we are talking about a new model where all of us win, where no one gets left behind.

It should be noted that the agreement also includes non-motorized mobility promoters such as cycling groups that are looking for a new way to use the streets in a way that not only motor vehicles occupy the area.

The governor underscored that, as part of the development model being promoted, there needs to be a fundamental change in habits so that people use public transportation, bicycles, or walk short distances, so that streets are less cluttered and can directly improve everyone’s quality of life.

For his part, the Director of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Institute (IMOS), Jorge Alberto Gutiérrez Topete, pointed out that among the changes this new vision includes is the development of a better transportation system that considerably reduces people’s dependency on cars.

At this event, the following people were present: President of the Business Coordinator Council of Tijuana (CCE), Francisco Rubio Rangel; Baja California’s Secretary of the Interior, Catalino Zavala Márquez, as well as transportation group representatives, civil society organizations, and the general public.

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