Real estate development and the resurrection of Downtown Tijuana: Baja Window to the South

Baja Window to the South interviewed the General Director of Bustamante Realty Group & Building Projects

On this new episode of Baja Window to the South, hosts Olga Sánchez de la Vega and Scott Koenig had an exciting adventure in one of Tijuana’s most traditional places. Their trip began at Cien Años Restaurant and then later moved on to the city’s most modern building that graces Avenida Revolución and spoke with its creator to find out a little more about what his vision was that led him to build this apartment building.

Baja Window to the South hosts interviewed General Director of Bustamante Realty Group & Building Projects, Héctor Bustamante who shared some important points about how to live in Tijuana. “He has been a real estate developer for 20 years, so we can only imagine the number of projects that he has been involved with,” said Olga Sánchez de la Vega to her special guest.

Baja Window To The South
Baja Window To The South

Among the most important things that Héctor Bustamante mentioned was about the new building in Distrito Revolución, which is where they were located during the interview. This building has existed for only 3 years and is one of many buildings that has helped to improve the urban landscape of the famous Revolución Avenue which has been a meeting point between locals and tourists for many years. According to Bustamante:

(The building) represents the new situation here in Downtown Tijuana where basically there were no new buildings for more than 20 years and 5 years ago the building was designed and reconverted.

Another great thing about living in this area is that besides living in a modern building with a variety of services is that this is the heart of the city, basically there is no need to use a car. Héctor even said that he doesn’t use a car anymore and travels using Uber or walks, since everything is relatively close to his offices like the supermarket, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

The city is quite big, has different neighborhoods, different lifestyles. For example, right now Downtown Tijuana is a family place for Americans. Right now we are living a process that is bringing culture to the area. Tijuana is rich in art, music, gastronomy…

There is no doubt that the city has begun to grow in popularity among tourists, especially American tourists who cross the border daily to go to coffee shops, restaurants, or art galleries. They even cross for medical reasons. This has even made many of them consider living in Tijuana, because of all the services the city has and because the downtown area is a perfect place to live.

Baja Window To The South
Baja Window To The South

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