Marina del Pilar reveals Road Rehabilitation 2022 program in Baja California

The “Respira” program will allow the restoration of 852,000 square meters in the state

On Wednesday, Baja Californian Governor, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, revealed the Road Rehabilitation 2022 Program which will allow the restoration of the region’s roads, benefiting more than 1,2 million Baja Californians.

During the 23rd edition of Marina del Pilar’s Wednesday morning press conference, taking place at Tijuana’s State Center of the Arts (CEART) facilities, the governor reiterated that the Respira (Breathe) program will allow for a sustainable, efficient mobility that will allow society to use their time for their quality of life and not just traffic.

She emphasized that this issue is not being taken lightly, and that it will be promoted with a long and thought-out strategic perspective that is looking to transform the cities of Baja California, not just in the present, but also for future Baja Californians.

Our goal is that when we think of people in Tijuana, Mexicali, or Ensenada, we think about the parks where our children play, that roads bring us closer to the people we love and don’t trap us in traffic congestions,” Marina del Pilar said.

Regarding the Road Rehabilitation Program, the governor explained that it is a permanent program that will focus especially in taking care of the street decay of Baja California. This general deterioration is one of the main causes of traffic jams and bottlenecks, pollution, and the ever increasing annoyance of all drivers.

Marina del Pilar explained that this process will work through four methods, the first one being the recycling of asphalt pavement to extend the useful life of our streets.

On the other hand, the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Urban Design, and Territorial Reorder (SIDURT) will work on the total reconstruction of some roads, removing layers to restore them with new asphalt or hydraulic concrete materials.

Specifically, 298,000 square meters will be rehabilitated in Tijuana, benefiting 550,000 people; 263,000 square meters in Mexicali will benefit directly 350,000 people; 138,00 square meters in Ensenada will benefit 200,000 people, and in Tecate, 153,000 square meters will be restored to improve the quality of life of 108,000 people.

These actions, the works, the road rehabilitation are all part of a greater plan where we recover traffic flow in our cities. We are reordering comprehensively public transportation, incorporating new technologies to public transport and mobility, as well as developing a new program for urban coexistence”, Marina del Pilar stated.

Lastly, the governor asked for people’s patience due to the possible inconveniences the works may cause, emphasizing that this benefit will be permanent for the transformation of Baja California since it will be the people at the core of all mobility.

At Marina del Pilar’s Wednesday morning press conference, the Secretary of Education of Baja California, Gerardo Arturo Solís Benavides, and the Secretary of Health of Baja California, José Adrián Medina Amarillas, were both present.

Marina del Pilar attends industrial facility expansion in Mexicali

On her Wednesday schedule, Governor Marina del Pilar led the inauguration of a new building at the industrial facilities of Footprint company in Mexicali, which makes food packages out of vegetable fibers, making them completely biodegradable.

It should be noted that this building is 1,2 million square feet which makes Footprint the largest company in northeastern Mexico when it comes to infrastructure.

This expansion will bring benefits to 5,000 direct employees and will include a sport area, daycare for workers’ children, as well as solar panels and wastewater treatment facilities.

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