The deliciousness of Tijuana duck tacos absolutely amazes.

These tacos aren't like the ones you'll get on the street.

In this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, chef Danny Betancourt visits "Musmón," a food truck located at the Food Truck Point, on the Paseo del Ro 3rd Stage 6617, where three tacos were sampled: one of duck for 65 pesos (3.25 dollars), one of lamb for 33 pesos (1.60 dollars), and the last or "pilón" as said, Danny.

Unlike other taquerias, where tacos are brought one by one, Musmón's tacos are presented in a zigzag pattern, allowing Danny to choose the order he wants to try them.

He was offered four different salsas to go with the tacos: one with jalapeno, one with orange and chiltepin chile, one with strawberry and habanero, and the last one with various chilies.

Taco de Lamb

Danny should place the sauce with various chilies on this taco, which also includes lamb meat, bell pepper, cheese, and is served in a crispy tortilla, as per the recommendation of the Musmón crew. When tasting it, the strong taste of the lamb shone out, which might be overwhelming for people unfamiliar with this sort of meat, but, for those who do, it is a great taco.

He added a little green jalapeno and tomatillo salsa to add acidity, and by doing so, he assured that each bite had much taste. As a result, he awarded this taco an 8.3 rating.

Price: $33 pesos ($1.60 dlls)


Taco de Octopus

This taco has octopus chunks, a melted cheese crust, and a crispy tortilla. They recommend serving this taco with strawberry habanero sauce. When he tasted it, the smoked flavor of the tortilla stood out, giving it an exciting consistency in addition to the fact that the cheese wrapped nicely around the octopus; however, he thought the seafood was very dry; while the sauce topped the octopus, it wasn't enough to make the octopus feel.

He added a little green sauce to give moisture and made sure the octopus was a little hard once bitten and lacked intensity in general; yet, the crispy tortilla and cheese helped it taste more. He awarded this taco a 7.7 out of 10 ratings.

Precio: $35 pesos ($1.75 dlls)


Tacos de Duck

The orange sauce with chiltepin chili is recommended for this taco, which features marinated duck, the recommended sauce, and is served in a crunchy tortilla. This taco "blew through ceiling," according to Danny Betancourt, because of its incredible flavor. The duck was marinated in a soy-style sauce, which adds a nice touch. The above, along with the crunchiness of the tortilla and a light orange sauce, the flavor of the marinated duck, and the proper cooking of the duck, resulting in a delectable combination of flavors. He scored this taco a 9.5, making it the highest-scoring taco in the history of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana episodes.

Price: $ 65 pesos (about $3.25 dlls)


Musmón's social media accounts may be found here:

Facebook: Musmón



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