One Bite Tacos Tijuana: Taqueria "El Costeñito" has a good assortment taco that will make you lick your fingers

Despite this good taco, the others didn't get such good reviews

In this new chapter of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, Chef Danny Betancourt visited the taqueria El Costeñito, located in the Panamericano area, where you can enjoy a variety of tacos, especially the assortment taco, which is the most recognized and tasty of the place.

On this occasion we tasted three tacos: maciza, buche and assorted, the price per taco was 25 pesos each.

Maciza Taco

This taco is made with homemade double corn tortilla, cilantro, onion, green tomatillo sauce and the maciza, the first thing Danny pointed out was that the meat was dry although he considered that the flavor was not bad and the meat was very soft. As for the sauce, he detailed that it was acidic and balanced with the taco.

He gave this taco a final rating of 5.6.

Buche Taco

This taco is made with buche meat, cilantro, onion, red sauce and tortilla, he highlighted that the buche meat is tasty and not so spicy, although he detailed that it is a greasy and reported taco. As for the tortilla, he explained that it does not taste like a homemade one, but it is not bad.

He gave this taco a final rating of 6.6.

Assortment Taco

Lastly, the assortment taco is a combination of buche, cuero, and maciza meat and comes with cilantro, onion, and tomatillo salsa verde.

Without a doubt, this was the best rated and best taco at El Costeñito, due to its mix of meats which created a good balance in the tacos and the specific punch of this taco was definitely the salsa verde.

He gave this taco a final rating of 7.5.

VIDEO: "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana": Tacos El Costeñito / Season 2


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