One Bite Tacos Tijuana: Goat birria tacos from "Birrieria Zamora" in Tijuana surprises for its taste

Although the flavor was the protagonist, it was not all good news

In this new chapter of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, Chef Danny Betancourt visited Birrieria Zamora, located on Boulevard Fundadores on the main avenue, this place claims to prepare authentic goat birria.

We tasted 2 tacos, the first one was chamorro with maciza and the second one was goat ribs, here is Chef Danny's opinion about these tacos.

Chamorro Taco with Maciza

This taco has a handmade tortilla, the first thing Danny pointed out was the size and the amount of meat it had, as it was quite full according to his opinion. He considered that the flavor of the birria marinade did not overshadow the meat and that both the cilantro and the onion gave a good touch of freshness to the taco, the only thing he remarked was the difference in the meats since the maciza was just right while the chamorro was a little more difficult to chew due to the type of meat.

Another point to note for the chef was that the tortilla started to fall apart even though not much time had passed since the taco was delivered and the tortillas were a little thicker than the commercial ones.

He gave this taco a final rating of 4.5.

Goat Rib Taco

Just like the last taco this one is delivered with a handmade tortilla, the first thing he wanted to point out was that the meat detached itself from the rib before it was served inside the taco. Danny assured that this last taco surprised him because it has more fat, which intensifies the flavor of the goat, giving a great result.

He gave this taco an 8.5 rating.

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