One Bite Tacos Tijuana: Tacos varios "La Nena" stands out in Tijuana for its soft breaded beef cutlet (milanesa)

Its avocado and tomatillo salsa complement its tacos quite well

Tacos varios “La Nena" is located on the corner of Rosarito Ave. and Cabo San Lucas in the neighborhood of El Rubi, this taqueria is the premiere of the long awaited second season of "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana".

Chef Danny Betancourt visited this stand to taste 2 of their tacos, the milanesa taco and the pork rib taco in salsa verde.

Milanesa Taco

The first taco the chef could compare it with his hand; this one has a bed of beans and a bed of red rice, garnishes that stand out in this kind of tacos, on top of it you can appreciate the piece of beef milanesa which was sticking out of the tortilla and had the avocado sauce with tomatillo, the same one that the workers of the taqueria recommended to him.

Chef Danny was surprised by the softness of the milanesa, which is usually a little tough and dry for these tacos because it is fried, he highlighted the flavor of the taco and the way the acidity of the tomatillo avocado sauce added a touch of freshness to it. He gave this taco a rating of 8.

Pork rib taco

The second one was the pork rib in green sauce, here the freshness of the tortilla stood out and that the tacos are served with two of these, as for the flavor of the rib he thought it was good, however he noted that the meat was a little dry, although this cut tends to be somewhat dry, with the sauce it gets some moisture, however the chef believes that the sauce did not give the "punch" that the taco needed, so it received a rating of 5.

VIDEO: "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana": Various Tacos "La Nena", Season 2


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