Baja California will continue under the orange light

Tijuana is the entity that registers more new cases of coronavirus

Photo by: geralt vía pixabay

The daily update on the coronavirus situation in Baja California was given today. It was headed by Dr. Alonso Perez Rico. As mentioned, these show the latest figures on COVID-19 present in Baja California, up to the cut-off of a previous day.

Today, Sunday, October 11, Dr. Perez Rico reported that there are 74 people intubated as a consequence of the coronavirus in the different hospitals of the region. As for the numbers of the entities by state, they are as shown below:

Baja California has a total of 20 thousand 249 confirmed cases, one thousand 596 suspected cases and 3 thousand 654 regrettable deaths as of this Sunday morning. Tijuana is the state with the most new cases of coronavirus, with 34 new cases. It is also the municipality with most deaths: 4 in total. In total, it has 110 active cases.

On the other hand, Mexicali has 177 cases, Ensenada 78, San Quintin 13, Tecate 15, Playas de Rosarito has 12 and San Felipe has 2. The only two municipalities that did not have an increase in cases are Ensenada, which remains the same, and Mexicali, which had a decrease.

They announced that the epidemiological traffic light will continue in orange. Perez Rico released a graph that will help maintain the healthy distance effectively: it shows that in a public space the ideal is to stay 3.5 meters away from other people, while in a social space it is 1.5.

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