Famous “Tacos El Franc" in Tijuana are now part of prestigious Michelin Guide

Rated as "a classic" by the Michelin Guide presenter in Mexico, Tacos El Franc has delighted the Michelin Guide

Photo by: Ryan Vink

The awaited Michelin Guide Award Ceremony in Mexico took place on Tuesday, May 14 and several establishments in the country were awarded due to their culinary excellence. Among them, however, one was the highlight: Tacos El Franc, an emblematic taqueria in Tijuana.

Rated as "a classic" by the Michelin Guide presenter in Mexico, Tacos El Franc has delighted the palate of gastronomic critics. This is not the first time that this taqueria has been internationally recognized: its tacos were the only ones from Tijuana that were ranked as the best ones in the world by TasteAtlas.

Since its founding in 1996 by Javier Valdez, Tacos El Franc has enjoyed an excellent reputation, attracting clients from all over the world looking for its delicious tacos and asada mulitas. This taqueria was even featured in the popular show "Tacos Chronicles" on Netflix.

The success of Tacos El Franc has been so significant that, in January 2024, the opening of a new branch in San Diego located in Plaza Bonita Mall was announced.

It is expected that the opening of this branch creates the same excitement and long lines that are seen in Tijuana, offering a wide variety of dishes including tortas, quesadillas, mulitas, pozole, menudo, and handmade corn tortillas.

With this award and expansion, Tacos El Franc continues to show why tacos in Tijuana are rated as the best ones in the world. Besides this taqueria, other establishments were also mentioned by the Michelin Guide.

Standouts in Baja California:

Other establishments that were recognized in Baja California were the following:

• Bruma Wine Garden
• Corazón D’Petra
• Deckman's en el Mogor
• El Paisa
• Envero en el Valle
• Kous Kous
• Latitud 32
• Lunario
• Madre
• Malva
• Manzanilla
• Misión 19
• Olivea Farm to Table
• Ophelia
• Oryx
• Primitivo
• Restaurante Amores
• Punta Morro
• Tacos El Franc
• Tacos Marco Antonio
• Tacos Mi Ranchito
• Taquería La Principal

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