Tijuana has the only lucha libre museum in all of Mexico: Baja Window to the South

This place was born thanks to a boy’s dream; he wished to see a museum dedicated to lucha libre

Tijuana has an endless number of attractions, from the best known such as Centro Cultural Tijuana, Morelos Park, El Trompo Museum, to some that few people know that they exist, such as the Lucha Libre Museum. Zuarel Leon gave Cedric González, Baja Window to the South reporter, an exclusive tour of the museum.

This museum began due to Leon’s best friend, Mauricio, who fell in love with this sport when he was 8 years old. When he was living in Mexico City, he wanted to visit a museum of lucha libre. It was stated that, of the 152 museums that currently exist in that city, none of them are dedicated to this sport.

From then on, he decided he wanted to open a museum when he grew up which is why he started to collect items related to lucha libre. This dream became a reality when the first Lucha Libre museum opened. Zaurel added that the luchadores who work in lucha libre train very hard, and also work very hard to create their characters, either based on something they like or do not like.

Inside the museum there are 580 figures with characters belonging to this sport and, so far, 445 luchadores have visited this place and signed their masked figures. Since this is the only museum of its kind in Mexico, its collection is quite big. One example of this is the three seats belonging to the first generation of Arena México, the place where lucha libre began. Also, they have first generation seats of the Municipal Auditorium of Tijuana, which is the venue where this sport currently occurs in the city.

Leon added that extreme lucha libre was born in Tijuana, where they started to use chairs, tables, stairs, etc. Rey Misterio Jr. visited this museum and decided to donate a mask and pants. This luchador, “Tijuana native by adoption”, began his career in this municipality as “Colibrí” and he later went to Mexcio Cty, where he became “Rey Misterio Jr.” He later went on to the United States where he began his career in American lucha libre.

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