“Taquería Los Brother’s” in Mexicali surprises due to the cooking of their lamb taco

Chef Danny Betancourt is still trying out tacos in the city of Mexicali

On the most recent episode of “Una Mordida Tacos Mexicali”, Chef Betancourt went to “Taquería Los Brother’s” located at Avenida Chihuahua 201, Nueva Esperanza in Mexicali. On this occasion, he tried two tacos: a beef taco and a lamb taco both priced at $1.4 dollars ($28 pesos) each.

Beef Taco

Chef Danny tried this beef taco that has onion, coriander, bird beak’s chili sauce, and two packaged corn tortillas. At first, Danny thought that the sauce would be extremely spicy due to its color, but when he tried the taco he said that the sauce’s look was deceiving.

One of the things that Chef Danny highlighted was the tortillas, which were soft due to being steamed letting the maize flavor prevail. One of the tortillas had grease and the other one didn’t, which gave the taco a big plus.

Regarding the seasoning, Chef Danny thought that it all tasted quite neutral, without any flavor distinguishing itself. He mentioned that the taco was missing an ingredient to give it the push it needed. This is why this taco gets a rating of 7.3.

Lamb Taco

This taco has lamb barbacoa, cabbage, bird beak’s chili sauce, and two packaged corn tortillas. Chef Danny said that since this was a lamb taco, its flavor would be stronger than in the last taco which he immediately confirmed when he took his first bite.

Chef Danny was surprised because of how soft the meat felt which occurred because of the long time the lamb barbacoa was cooked. Just like in the previous taco, the tortillas distinguished themselves due to their consistency and flavor, and the bird beak’s chili sauce complemented them perfectly.

Finally, our host commented that the lamb taco’s flavor was quite subtle regarding the contrast of all flavors which is why this taco gets a rating of 7.1.

Click here to watch this episode’s Facebook video: Tacos "Los Brother’s".


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