Maker of Tijuana’s crepe cake is one of the best chefs in the world: Baja Window to the South

Its creation happened after he ended up with a lot of leftover crepes and mousse

Photo by: Martin San Roman & El Original pastel de Crepas Facebook

Baja California has shown to be a state with a lot of local talent, both born in the region or who came over to live here, and Baja Window to the South is here to help you find out all about these talented artists, the minds behind wonderful creations.

One example of this is Chef Martín San Román, who is one of the 120 best chefs in the world and is the owner of restaurant “El Original Pastel de Crepas Tijuana”. He has also won over 200 awards thanks to his incredible blend of Mexican and French Cuisine.

Martín shared that the crepe cake was created a night after an event in Tijuana, where he realized that there were a lot of leftover chocolate crepes and mousses which they began to pile one on top of other to not waste them. That’s how the cake came to be. It was later shown at the store’s counter and customers started to ask for a slice, gaining fame little by little until it became something that is now requested all over the city and around the world.

This cake had its international debut in London where Martín started to make new creations and combinations. One thing that has never changed is the name “El Original Pastel de Crepas Tijuana” (Tijuana’s Original Crepe Cake), because he wanted to give credit to the border city where it was created. It should be noted that San Román had already appeared in Baja Window to the South’s spiritual predecessor, “Tijuana Window to the South”, and he said that he was quite happy about there being a new version of this show.

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