Visit La Chinesca’s bedrooms, kitchens, and prison in Mexicali: Baja Do’s & Don’ts

This underground neighborhood’s goal was to protect workers from the sun

Photo by: Facebook La Ch9inesca de Mexicali & Screenshot Baja Window to the South

Baja Window to the South has different sections where important information that every American tourist should know is revealed, whether they are a beginner or an expert to visiting Baja Californian lands. For example, in the Baja Do’s & Don’ts segment advice and recommendations are given on what to do and what not to do when visiting Baja California.

In the things that one should definitely Do is visit “La Chinesca” located in Mexicali, a Chinese neighborhood that one should definitely explore thoroughouly to know more about the history of Baja California. Taking this tour through La Chinesca is described as one of the most unique cultural experiences of the entire state.

Chinese workers arrived in Mexicali at the beginning of the 20th century when agriculture was plentiful. These workers worked illegally in the summer where the sun and heat was most potent which is why they lived in underground tunnels. Currently, these tunnels are part of these tours where one can see bedrooms, nursing stations, kitchens, bars, schools, stores, and even a prison.

Regarding what one Shouldn’t Do, it is important to always report medications when crossing the border, as well as not bringing in any drugs, non-prescription or highly abusable medicine. International drug trafficking is severely penalized in both Mexico and the US. If you need to bring any medications with you, it is recommended that you bring them in their original packaging, that you have the doctor’s prescription with you, and make sure that the amount is for regular, personal use only.

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