Border crossing restrictions will be lifted when we are at a green light

Marcelo Ebrard has been the one to overtake the extensions of the border crossing sometimes.

During the morning conference of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard was questioned about Mexico's motive in requesting the United States to extend the restrictions and he made it known that the restrictions depend on the traffic light risk of the states.

"It is a technical decision derived from the provisions of the Department of Health on traffic lights, we can not suspend all restrictions until we are green," he explained at the morning conference.

He announced that for the moment almost all the border states are in yellow except for Nuevo Leon, so we will have to wait longer until the traffic lights are in green to be able to resume non-essential trips between Mexico and the United States.

Although he did not disclose more information about the border crossing, it is worth remembering that on previous occasions he has been the one to make announcements about the extensions of the border crossing.

It should be remembered that for the time being only essential travel from Mexico to the United States is allowed for those U.S. or Mexican residents with permission to work or important medical appointments. The restrictions will remain in place until October 21st, but usually a few days before they announce whether or not they will be extended.

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