When has AMLO not listened to you?

Abraham Mendieta stands for the new advisory board of AMLO, composed of some of the richest and most controversial men in Mexico. With this collaboration, Abraham continues his bold column in San Diego Red.

Just a few days ago, we were woken up with the news of a new advisory board on economic matters in which the greatest businesspeople of the country take part of, especially some who are close to the other side of political interests.

It is often said that in politics, shockingly there are shocked people, and although this phrase has a deeply “rational” element that politics and its psychoanalytic derivatives do not always fulfill, it is now applied perfectly.

Who can be surprised by Andres’ attempt to listen to that economic power he promises to separate from political power?

All the major decisions that the president-elect has had to make have had two processes to be defined: firstly, a moment of work and social conviction, so that his idea permeates door to door, house by house, municipality by municipality, and secondly, an element of negotiation or popular ratification (formation of councils, referendums, joint press conferences, political “transfers”).

We are before the same Andrés Manuel who negotiates with the private sector to build a second floor with an open and a private side, before the same Andrés Manuel that we negotiate with the future of labor. Companies to absorb that labor.

We are before the usual Andrés Manuel, the only one there is: the one who first warms up and then negotiates, getting things done when someone said they couldn't.

The problem with large fortunes is not the money, it is the oligarch nature: its imperious behavior.

In the formation of a friendly channel and an official dialogue, in which they are listened to but they can never impose their own will, will begin to find their place in the readjusted new political and institutional regime.

The final key, rather than separating economic power from political power (the first step to democratic deepening of the country) is represent the economic one as social, and not as a power, while the powers have to be legitimate and democratic: as are the legislative, the executive and the judicial.

And as the media and the economic one should never be.

Abraham is a Political Scientist and has a Master’s Degree in Media Policy from the Complutense of Madrid. He was a member of the Presidential Campaign Team of Podemos (Spanish political party) in Spain and worked with MORENA on federal campaigns. He is currently director of the Instituto Madrileño de Comunicación Política and parliamentary consultant of MORENA.


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