Delicious! Carnitas are crowned as the best pork dish in the world

TasteAtlas revealed this on their ranking

Mexican gastronomy is renowned worldwide due to its amazing flavors, colors, and aromas, to the point where anywhere in the world you will find in the menu some Mexican dish.

Ingredients used in Mexican dishes vary with some using only vegetables and some using animal protein. Such is the case with carnitas, a dish where different parts of a pig are fried in its own grease and spices, and it is usually served in tacos.

TasteAtlas made a ranking of the “Best Rated Pork Dishes in the World” and carnitas was crowned first place as the favorite dish. This dish is originally from the state of Michoacán; it is accompanied by several different ingredients such as salsa, guacamole, pico de gallo, tortillas, and lime.

One can find carnitas all over the country, and their flavor will depend on the seasoning of the person who makes them. TasteAtlas made this ranking based on the ratings of their audience: 5,502 ratings were registered, of which 3,851 were recognized as legitimate (eliminating bot reviews or other type of users and giving additional value to ratings by users known as connoisseurs). That way they were able to award the best dishes in order to promote amazing local food, create pride in traditional dishes, and awaken the curiosity of people who haven’t tried these dishes yet.

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