PROFECO: Ley in Otay offers the cheapest products in Tijuana

This was revealed on their section “Who’s Who: Essential Products”

Buying groceries is the most essential thing for Mexican families, as it provides them with everything they need to feed and snack every day. However, the inflation and price increases of these products makes it harder to buy what is necessary without spending too much.

That is why, the head of the Federal Consumer Agency (PROFECO), Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, reveals week after week the supermarkets with the highest and lowest prices in Mexico on his section “Quién es Quién: Productos de Primera Necesidad” (Who’s Who: Essential Products.)

In this week’s report, supermarket Ley located at Boulevard Lázaro Cárdenas and Calzada Tecnológico in Tijuana, was classified as one of the establishments with the lowest prices in the Northern Zone of the country (Baja California, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Sonora, Nuevo León, and Chihuahua) as it offers the basic basket at a price of $920.65 pesos; it is also the cheapest in Tijuana.

It should be noted that according to PROFECO, the basic basket is made up of 24 products in total, which are used to supply a family of 4 members for one week. These products are the following:

1. Edible vegetable oil 1 piece of 946 ml
2. Grains of rice 1 kg
3. Tuna flakes in oil (maximum 5% of soy) 2 cans of 140 g
4. Standard sugar 1 kg
5. Beef 1 kg
6. White onion 1 kg
7. Jalapeño pepper 1 kg
8. Pork 1 kg
9. Black beans 900 grs
10. Chicken eggs, 1 package of 18 eggs
11. Bar of soap 1 piece
12. Tomato 1 kg
13. Dairy milk 5 liters
14. Lime 1 kg
15. Apple 1 kg
16. Banana 1 kg
17. White bread 1 package of 680 grs
18. Potato 1 kg
19. Toilet paper 1 bag of 4 rolls
20. Pasta for soup 1 package of 220 grs
21. Chicken meat 1 kg
22. Sardines with tomato 1 can of 425g
23. Corn tortilla 4kg
24. Carrots 1 kg

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