Enjoy healthy dishes full of flavor at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort

We visited Chef Raúl, the one in charge of making these dishes

Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort has an endless number of options and treatments that specialize in restoring, strengthening, and improving your health as well detoxing your body so that it can function better. Among the key elements of health is diet and this resort is an expert on it.

Baja Window to the South host Olga Sánchez de la Vega went to Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort in order to learn all about their restaurant which focuses on plant-based dishes. These perfectly adapt to people interested in health, longevity, and physical aptitude.

It should be noted that the treatments, food, and amenities that this resort offers are included in whichever package you choose, which is personalized by a doctor who will recommend you what you need to restore your health.

Chef Raúl is in charge of making these healthy dishes and he says that some of the vegetables are brought from the very vegetable patch at the Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort garden. Some dishes are different every week and some have variations like with the oil, which means that you can change lavender oil for avocado oil.

Raúl prepared several different dishes where vegetables abound alongside a great mixture of flavors and a certain number of proteins. He also said that cooking is what he is most passionate about and that in Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort he makes dishes that are healthy, flavorful, and beautiful.

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