Baja Window to the South: Valle de Guadalupe, a worldwide sensation

Valle de Guadalupe continues to be a worldwide sensation and in the latest episode of Baja Window to the South we speak with Maglén Resort and will also travel to surf in order to lighten up and promote physical activity in the region

The latest episode of Baja Window to the South delves deeper into Valle de Guadalupe by showing us the wonderful Maglén Resort, a wondrous place where its restaurants, oysters, and wine are out of this world due to their delicious flavor, as it is common in Ensenada cuisine.

One of the guests of this weekly show was singer-songwriter Valeria Scolari, who spoke to us about her music, her experiences, and how they have inspired her art. She also gave us a little taste of her wonderful talent.

Meanwhile, COTUCO president César Rivera González was also a guest and told us about what to do in Rosarito, highlighting how awesome it is to surf in the region. This sport has been amassing, little by little, a great number of followers.

In Rosarito, you will also be able to take long hikes while enjoying the landscapes, visit bars, and much more! The sand dunes of Cantamar, for example, are some of the greatest attractions that you absolutely cannot miss.

Finally, Chef Mario joined Chef Javier Plascencia to talk about their careers and their lives while delighting themselves and their palates by making a delicious aguachile with blood clams.

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VIDEO: Hidden Gems of Baja California: Wine, Music, Sand Dunes & Aguachile! | Baja Window to the South


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