Spicy shrimp taco from “Mariscos Mi Chuy” in Tecate can make one shiver for being extremely hot

Our host felt so hot that he had to ask for a soda

On this episode of “Una Mordida Tacos Tecate”, Chef Betancourt went to “Mariscos Mi Chuy” to try out two tacos: a fish taco priced at $1.2 dollars ($24 pesos) and a spicy shrimp cheese taco priced at $4 dollars ($80 pesos). This taqueria is located at Blvd. Universidad 793, San Fernando, 21460 Tecate, B.C.

Fish Taco

This traditional fish taco is battered Ensenada style, with two corn tortillas, cabbage, pico de gallo, and chipotle dressing. Chef Betancourt noticed the taco’s size immediately, as well as the homemade tortillas that allowed the taco to resist and make its flavor stand out.

The first Danny noticed is that the taco lacked that “flavor push” that it needs to satisfy. The battering was a little subtle, though it had good frying. Its lack of flavor also affected the white fish and the chipotle sauce, which ended up lowering its rating. This is why this taco gets a rating of 6.9.

Spicy Shrimp Taco

This spicy shrimp taco also has two corn tortillas and asadero cheese which gave Chef Betancourt a good impression. From the first bite of the first shrimp, our host noted how hot the taco was, though he had asked for a moderate spiciness amount.

When he gave his first bite, Danny’s face became very red due to how hot the taco was and he asked one of the employees to bring him a soda to lessen the effect.

If you like spicy food, Chef Betancourt recommends coming here. The abundant cheese and the shrimp’s size gave it a lot of points, since the taco was very complete due to how much there was on it. Because of this, this spicy shrimp taco gets a rating of 8.1.


"Una Mordida Tacos Tecate": Mariscos Mi Chuy


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