Ensenada: Cheese shrimp taco with sliced poblano peppers from “Tacos Don Zefe” is the perfect combination

Its handmade corn tortilla was one of the stars

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Ensenada, our host, Chef Danny Betancourt went to Tacos Don Zefe, located at Av. Riveroll in Downtown Ensenada. On this occasion, he tried two tacos: a traditional Ensenada style taco priced at $1.20 dollars ($24 pesos) and a cheese shrimp taco with sliced poblano peppers priced at $2.5 dollars ($50 pesos).

Ensenada Style Taco

This is the typical taco that is sold all across Baja California. This taco has purple onion, cabbage, pico de gallo, battered fish, chipotle dressing, and is served on a store bought corn tortilla. When he gave his first bite, Chef Danny highlighted the fish’s flavor as well as its good size. Its color was amber, the ideal hue.

The chipotle dressing creates a nice flavor contrast as well as the pickled onions, which give the taco a nice acidic taste and lightens the fish. The only bad thing about this taco was the tortilla which was “very lacking” since it was store bought. This is why this taco gets a rating of 8.3.

Price: $1.20 dollars ($24 pesos)

Cheese Shrimp Taco With Pepper Slices

The first thing Chef Danny noticed was that the taco was lacking a bit of shrimp. It has poblano pepper slices, cheese, and is served on a handmade corn tortilla. When he gave his first bite, Danny was surprised by the great taste of all the ingredients.

The slices were charred and along with the cheese, the tortilla thickness and it being fried accentuated the flavor of the corn. Although the shrimp was the least noticeable ingredient, the mozzarella cheese and the cream created a great contrast and this is why this taco gets a rating of 8.5.

Price: $2.5 dollars ($50 pesos)

Find out more about Tacos Don Zefe on their official Facebook page!


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