Tacos Marco Antonio in Ensenada delight with their fish rind taco

Three different tacos were tried here

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Ensenada, our host, Chef Danny Betancourt, went to Tacos Marco Antonio which are located at Av. Rayón No. 351 e/ 3ra y 4ta. On this occasion, he tried three tacos: a fish rind taco and tuna alambre taco both priced at $1.75 dollars ($35 pesos) and a Ramses Taco priced at $2 dollars ($40 pesos).

Fish Rind Taco

This taco has fish rind, pickled adobada onions (which caught Danny’s attention), lime drops, and is served on a corn tortilla. The first thing that Danny highlighted was that the rind looked like it came from a bag and when he took his first bite, he was surprised at the way it crunched.

The taco also has chipotle cream, which dampens the taco slightly and makes the stir-fry not feel so overwhelming, making the fish quite crunchy. Danny felt that the taco was missing more fish flavor and if it had been just a “rind” taco it would have been better. The breaded protein was quite good, which is why this taco gets a rating of 7.2.

Price: $1.75 dollars ($35 pesos)

Tuna Alambre Taco

Something that is interesting about Ensenada tacos is that they are given with only the protein and the tortilla so that clients themselves can fill them up with whatever they want from a bar full of sauces and ingredients. Since this taco is a stew, Danny decided to add a little bit of coriander to not alter the flavors while the tortilla it is served on has very good thickness.

The chipotle and tuna flavor were quite good and as it is an alambre taco, it has cheese which is not a crust, but mixed with the other ingredients. The combination of flavors, along with the tortilla, has a good size and it is humid just right which means this taco gets a rating of 8.2.

Price: $1.75 dollars ($35 pesos)

Ramses Taco

This taco has breaded fish, shrimp in chipotle cream, and is served on the same tortilla as the previous ones. This taco was widely recommended to Chef Danny and he wanted to verify whether these recommendations were accurate.

The breaded fish was one of the elements that delighted Chef Danny. He assumes it is made out of breadcrumbs and panko because it is quite crunchy without feeling greasy. The fish’s flavor was lost among the ingredients and there was something missing to unify everything which is why this taco gets a rating of 6.7.

Price: $2 dollars ($40 pesos)

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