This restaurant in San Diego delivers handcrafted gorditas that will wow you

Their dough is fresh, and they serve them hot off the grill on your platter

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Our presenter Isaac Kalimo, in this episode of Taco Bites, has a special occasion since he is at the previous site of Mi Tierra Super Taco, located at 1835 Highland Ave, National City, San Diego, where he had three typical tacos: one of asada, another of marinated, and lastly, one of birria. He will not sample a taco in this delivery but rather a pig rind in green sauce.

Although this is not a taco, the same rules apply: eat standing up and, as the slogan goes, "One Taco, Two Bites." However, today we will change it to "One Gordita, Two Bites," which means you can only take two bites before going on with the rating.

Pork rinds in green sauce, beans, and cheese are included in this gordita, which is also handmade owing to the texture of the dough, which is slightly toasted and crispy. He didn't add extra sauce because the chicharrón already had its green sauce, and he wanted to taste the chubby's original tastes.

When our host took the first bite, he noted that the flavor indicated that the dough was fresh, in addition to being new off the grill, and that the cheese, while not melted, was beginning to do its work due to the heat of the bun. He went on to say that you can tell it's a gordita since it has a crunchy tone to it and doesn't have a lot of dough; thus he highly advised that tourists try it, giving it an 8.2 rating.

Click here to learn more about Mi Tierra Super Taco on their Facebook page.


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