In a San Diego restaurant, the absence of salt in a taco de asada disappoints

This is the second taco that has been tried out at this location

Photo by: @nikitakimberly on Instagram

In this episode of Taco Bites, our presenter Isaac Kalimo evaluates Mi Tierra Super Taco's second taco, found at 1835 Highland Ave in National City, San Diego, California. He had a risky taco de adobada in the first installment, and this time he had a taco de carne asada.

Our readers are reminded of the two fundamental Taco Bite guidelines, the first of which is that you must eat standing up, and the second of which is tied to the slogan of this capsule, "One Taco, Two Bites," which means you will only be allowed to give it two bites before giving it a rating.

The taco this time has roast beef that appears to be somewhat tender and thin, coriander, onion, guacamole, a little red sauce, and lemon juice, and when Isaac was about to take the second mouthful, he observed that because of its size, You could wind up with this two-bite cue.

While the meat was properly cooked, Isaac thought it was missing in salt; yet, he felt the taco was still tasty, so he gave it an 8.1.

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