The "Taco Crispy Gringo" from San Diego's Casa de Freds isn't quite as "crispy" as its name implies

Even though the ingredients were fresh, our host was not impressed with this one

Photo by: @fredsoldtown

Our host, Isaac Kalimo, savored the last Taco of his visit to Casa de Freds, Tacos y Tequila, located at 2470 San Diego Ave., in this new episode of Taco Bites. He had a strange asada taco with lettuce and carrot during his first two deliveries, as well as a taco de adobada with a habanero sauce that prompted him to ask for a glass of water owing to how hot it was. At this time, he tried the Taco Crispy Gringo.

Before trying this Taco, Isaac wanted to remind our readers of the Taco Bites rules: the first is that whatever Taco you eat, you must eat it standing up, and the second is that as the slogan says, "One Taco, Two Bites," you can only take two bites before making a final judgment and rating based on the pros and cons of the dish.

This is served on a golden tortilla with mincemeat, carrots, onion, black beans, mixed cabbage, cheese, pico de gallo, avocado salsa with coriander, and red sauce, which our host decided to add. This is a fantastic illustration of why tasting a taco takes two bites because the first one was essentially beans, while the second allowed him to try more toppings and sauces.

He could see that the Taco had cheese, that the meat was nicely cooked, and that all of the fixings were fresh when he opened it. Although our host preferred the other tacos, the mix of tastes and ingredients produced an excellent taco; nonetheless, our host would have chosen the tortilla to be more golden, and therefore this Taco received a 7.7 rating.

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