San Diego Taco Bites: The adobada taco with habanero sauce will put your fiery tolerance to the test

There was also a cabbage mixture and a cheese crust

Photo by: fredsoldtown on Instagram

Our host, Isaac Kalimo, continues to sample the delectable tacos from Casa de Freds, Tacos, and Tequila at 2470 San Diego Ave in San Diego, California, in this episode of Tacos Bites from 2021. It's worth noting that on the first delivery, he had a roast beef taco with lettuce, carrots, and cheese, which he enjoyed; this time, he tried a taco de adobada, which he also enjoyed.

Before trying this taco, Isaac reminded our readers of two Taco Bites rules: the first is that whatever taco you try, you must eat it standing up, and the second, like the Taco Bites motto, says, "One Taco, Two Bites," where you must only take two bites before giving a final verdict with a qualification.

In addition to the marinated beef, this taco includes pineapple, cabbage, cheese crust, and green sauce wrapped in a handmade corn tortilla. Our host added a dash of habanero chili sauce, which did the trick by giving a fiery note tempered by the pineapple's sweetness.

The combination of textures and tastes in this taco impressed Isaac, who stated that he could tell it was created with a lot of love. The habanero sauce prompted our host to ask for a drink of water, but that did not deter him. This cue scored a 9.9 rating.

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