In San Diego, try this intriguing mole taco with sour cream and cotija cheese

Our host's favorite taco is this one

In this episode of Taco Bites, our presenter Isaac Kalimo visited Super Cocina, a restaurant at 3627 University Ave in San Diego, California. They started with a unique taco at this new location that is not commonly found in San Diego: the mole taco.

The chicken is combined with the mole, a sauce created with various spices and chili peppers, and some rice in this taco. The Super Cocina employees told Isaac that he could top his taco with sour cream or cotija cheese, so they placed these toppings in containers for him to choose from.

Our host took two bites of the taco before being able to decide, as the regulations of Tacos Bites are to eat standing up and "One Taco Two Bites." He confirmed that the chicken was soft or tender and the combination of the cream with the sweet mole.

He stated that this is his favorite taco at this establishment because it has a good balance of flavors, allowing him to taste all of the components in each mouthful. The only thing he would add to it is a few pickled onions with lemon to enhance the flavor. This cue received an 8.6 rating.

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